Not Too Much Longer Now

I Who knew that loading hundreds of newly created cards, invitations, labels, monograms, gift items and more, would take SO LONG!  Certainly not us!  We were counting on opening up the website by now….but looks like it will be a few more weeks.  UGH, it is so hard to wait!

Meanwhile, we just couldn’t stand to make you wait without another little peek at what we’ve been up to.

Like we said, this is a teeny, tiny, peek of the hundreds of amazing new creations you will be seeing on our site.  Please hang in there with us as we continue to work hard to get everything loaded onto our website.  We know you will not be disappointed!


2 Responses to “Not Too Much Longer Now”
  1. I’m wishing, and hoping, and praying (said in a sing song voice…what’s the name of the song?) that I’ll have my album soon! “Anticipation”… I must be in a singing mood today.

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